From Egypt, beer was spread to Ethiopia, Persia and Caucasus. Among Indo-Europeans, the first people to make beer were Phrygians and Thracians. They made beer from barley and ground rice, so did the Scythians, some time later.

The old Greeks and Romans mostly drank wine – they considered beer to be the drink of Barbarians. Even in the times of Aristotle, the Greeks knew that people in the north and central Europe were making beer. A Roman writer and a statesman Gaius Plinius the Younger (62-114) described 115 sorts of barley drink. In those times, the Germans also made beer. Tacitus, mentioned this fact in his famous tractate “About the Germans”. It is thought, that the Germans learned beer making from Phoenicians. After that, beer technologies were spread from Germany to England and Scandinavia, and consequently through the expansion of European culture it became popular all over the world.

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