Traditions connected with beer

The people of mountains of Georgia – Khevsuris, Tushis, Pshavis, Gudamakharis and Mokheves held their traditional festivities with the beer brewed by them. The multitude of such festivals affected the beer quality and its development.

The initial concept of the alcoholic drink is to perform a religious act, which ethnographic science interprets as communion with Gods, through the sacred, divine drink, which was considered the most consecrated offering.  As well as that, for the prehistoric animist man, for whom the nature was personified, the arousal with the alcoholic drink meant the conception of the deity, thus intensifying its importance as of the religious-cult drink. This is clearly felt in all festivities. The predestination of such gatherings is much broader than that of a feast; they played a big role in the establishment of steadfast traditions of hospitality, in strengthening bravery and heroism, building relative links and generally, enhancing spirituality. Such was the predestination of festivals in the mountains of Georgia, the traditions of which had been strictly followed and over a long time resulted in the establishment of a uniform system of celebrations in the mountains, abundantly featuring archaic ritual cult customs and practical economic activities, among which beer brewing is the central one.

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