The Oldest Drink

Beer has been made since times immemorial. However, this ancient drink has no one specific country of origin. All the ancient nations on all continents of the world knew how to make beer. As historians are convinced, beer appeared 8000 years ago.

According to the legend, once, a forgetful baker forgot the bread dough in the sun, and the dough turned into a liquid mass and became sour. The embarrassed baker tasted the strange mass and liked it – this is how the story of beer begins.

One part of anthropologists argues that civilization appeared thanks to beer. When the oldest people discovered, that it was possible to make bread and beer from grain, they decided to settle down in one place rather than leading a nomad’s life and started to grow grain-crops. This fact in history is identified with the beginning of the mankind.

Sumerians, Syrians, Assyrians, Egyptians and Babylonians are considered to be the pioneers in beer making. Among the Jews, an alcoholic drink made from grain-crop and hop, called skier, the recipe of which presumably comes from Egypt, was very popular. The oldest picture of beer drinkers was discovered in Israel on a clay bowl dated 3400 B.C. 

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