Warsaw - Days of Georgia

Days of Georgia, initiated and organised by the Georgian Chamber of Commerce, will take place in Warsaw (Poland) on December 14-15, 2004.  An exhibition of the Georgian production will be held the next day in the same hotel, where production of 25 Georgian companies will be represented.  
Among those companies, represented at the exhibition, are Kazbegi, Georgian Glass and Mineral Waters, Nabeglavi, Rachis Tskali, Telavis Marani, Manavis Marani, Teliani Valley, Tbilghvino, Vazi-1, Vaziani, Kakhuri Meghvineoba, Grebi, Progress, Sakartvelos Tambakos Tsarmoeba, Microstop, Opizari, International Art Centre. Three Georgian commercial banks - TBC, Investbank and Basisbank - are also expected to participate.

The company "Kazbegi" is represented at the exhibition by the following production:    
• Beer - Kazbegi, Topadze, Porter, Traditional, Monadire, Mebaduri, Pshavi;          
• Lemonade - Lemon, Grape, Orange, Quince, Estragon;          
• Ice Tea - Lemon, Orange, Estragon, Cherry,  Raspberry, Peach, Pear, Feijoa;          
• Georgian-Ceylon Tea;          
• Coffee - Classic, Exclusive, Original;          
• Pepper (black and red).

Kazbegi share-holding company was set in 1994 with a 100-percent Georgian investments. The holding with the same name - Kazbegi - consolidates 38 industrial enterprises with a four thousand employees.Two plants producing beer and soft drinks as well as enterprises producing cigarettes, coffee and tea are parts of the holding. Apart from that the holding consolidates net of restaurants and bars, hotels in mountainous regions of Georgia, poultry farm and woodworking enterprise.An annual turnover of Kazbegi is $50 million. Twelve different types of beer, ten types of an original, natural drink - ice tea, six types of lemonade as well as poultry, coffee and tea are produced under Kazbegi brand.    Beer, produced by Kazbegi company, secures a 65-percent segment at beer market in Georgia.    The company uses just natural fruits and tea for producing its original soft drinks. The company purchases thousands tonnes of fruits from local peasants every year.   
Kazbegi exports its production to the United States, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Central Asia countries.    Kazbegi aims to boost its export output and to widen its export map especially in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).   
The president of Kazbegi is a well-known Georgian businessman Gogi Topadze, who has revived beer producing in Georgia ten years ago, when the country was in a turmoil after the Soviet Union collapse and was facing a severe economic crisis.   
Gogi Topadze led a political movement "Industry Saves
Ten-year old history of Kazbegi is a history of a successful development of Georgian business, while revival of the national industry is a business-ideology of Kazbegi company.   


1994 - Kazbegi share-holding company was set   
1997 - Kazbegi purchased Rustavi beer plant   
1998 - Kazbegi set its distributing net, which consolidated hundreds of salesmen   
1999 - Kazbegi began to invest into tourism in Georgia. It began to construct hotels in mountainous regions of Georgia, where tourist infrastructure was under development. The company enabled tea-processing factory in Western Georgia and began to produce aromatizers for ice tea and lemonade    2000 - Kazbegi increased its output. It had been producing ten different types of beer, twelve types of ice tea, six types of lemonade as well as different aromatizers by that time    2001 - Kazbegi began to produce poultry    2002 - Kazbegi began to process natural tea    2003 - Kazbegi began to invest into woodworking industry.

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