Champions and stars drink . . . "Kazbegi” in cans

Many celebrities, singers, actors, sports people, journalists and other representatives of public attended the event led by Vakachi, and everybody enjoyed drinking new "Kazbegi” beer while different folk ensembles or other music groups were performing.

Ucnobi: " I tasted the new "Kazbegi” beer and liked it a lot. It’s different from other beers. I am sure, that in the future, they will make it even better. Generally, I prefer Georgian products. And I wish national products were getting better and better.

Liza Bagrationi, a singer: "It may sound paradoxical, but I got to love beer during pregnancy. The members of my family, who are doctors, were rather concerned about my drinking beer all 9 months. And I must say, that you can even tell it by my child’s character (laughing). Generally, in some situations I drink beer with great pleasure. And I give my preference to "Kazbegi”.

Malkhaz Kvrivishvili, an actor: "I am fond of "Kazbegi” beer and new developments in our country make me happy. I think, canned beer is a serious challenge not only for the Georgian market, but for world markets as well. I am glad that Georgians too will contribute to this business and this is due to "Kazbegi”.

Vakachi: "You can tell by me that I am a beer-drinker. I gained weight and grew this belly. I drink all sorts of beer, but I often prefer Georgian one. Normally I prefer draught beer from "Kazbegi”, which is very tasty. The new canned "Kazbegi” beer is excellent indeed.

Gogi Topadze, the president of "Kazbegi”: "the demand on canned beer on Georgian market appeared long ago. We made special preparations for this innovation and we think, that we offered our consumers the best gift this season: a new type, canned Georgian –made beer. Can is an ideal vessel which easily gets cool. Beer lovers know it very well. Generally, beer has to be stored in closed container, as it cannot stand sun rays. The can preserves the taste and other qualities of the beer in the best way”.

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