JSC "Kazbegi" was founded In 1998.
"Kazbegi" JSC immediately after its foundation developed investment plan for the reconstruction and production improvement, million 400 000 USD was invested at the start up stage.
The total investment today is more than 16 million USD.

The program provided modern European standard equipment to produce the highest quality beer in Georgia.
Within the investment program the following has been accomplished:
Equipping fermentation, bottling and compressor workshops with modern technologies;
The renewal of the boiling workshop;
Installation of the modern filtration equipment;
Building 3 new workshops, in which beer, lemonade, " Ice Tea” and other beverages were bottled in  0,5, 1,5 and 0,25 l glass bottles.
2000 a bottling line of PET bottles was installed, which made it possible to bottle beer and beverages in 1,5 and 2 l bottles;
1998  a distribution network of "Kazbegi” was created, covering all regions of Georgia;
 2005  a can line was installed;

"Kazbegi" JSC produces beer of four types and seven denominations: "Kazbegi", "Kazbegi Porter", "Pshavi", "Monadire", "Tbilisi".
It is only possible to produce beer of such different taste and composition in one enterprise thanks to highly skilled professional technologists and to thorough observance of necessary standards at every stage of the production cycle.
The company offers new brands to its customers every year, constantly increasing the range of products.

"Kazbegi"  JSC produces  five denominations of an original drink called
"Ice Tea” –"Peach", "Raspberry", "Lemon", "Orange", "Feihoi", "Tarragon", "Cherry" 
and  seven denominations of lemonade –
"Lemon", "Orange", Tarragon", "Sitro", "Pear", "Mint", "Quince", "Isabella",
a beverage called "Nostalgia", which is made with the aromatic compound of chocolate and cream.
In 2006 "Kazbegi"  starts to produce new soft drink: "Cola with Lemon" and "Cola with Orange".

All non-alcoholic drinks are made from raw materials that are ecologically pure Georgian fruit and tea. Tea concentrates and aromatic compounds are made in "Kazbegi” JSC scientific research centre according to original recipes.

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