President of Kazbegi

Gogi Topadze - born on April 18, 1940, in Tbilisi.


1957 – graduates from school N 51 in Tbilisi and continues his further education in Tbilisi Technical University at the department of food and chemical technologies.


1962 -  starts work in the scientific research institute of food industry as a scientific worker.


1967 -  becomes a post graduate student of Moscow All Union Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry.


1969  -  is awarded a degree of the candidate of technical sciences.


2003 - defends a thesis for a doctor's degree in economics.


Gogi Topadze is a professor. He is the author of 20 scientific works, 4 monographs, 1 manual and 3 books. In 1993 he was awarded a state prize in literature and art for the book "Skiing in the Mountains".


1970-1975 - becomes the director of the soap factory.


1975 – 1986 – works as the general director of industrial union "Tbilludi".


1986 – till present - the director of a brewery in Lilo, which was under construction at that time.


1994 - founds the company "Kazbegi". At present Gogi Topadze is the president of "Kazbegi" JSC.


Since 1999 he has been the leader of the political movement "Industry will Save Georgia".


1999 -2003 – Gogi Topadze is the Member of Parliament.


1995 - the president of the federation of winter sports.


1999 – the vice president of the Olympic Committee of Georgia.


2005 -  elected as a president of European Chamber of Commerce.


1997 , 1998  - nominated as the best businessman of the year.


2005 – the first businessman among Georgian business people to be awarded the gold medal for  patronage activities.

He has a wife, two children and 5 grandchildren.


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