Company Mission

Ten-year efforts of our company "Kazbegi” have clearly proved that once the company is success-oriented and committed, equipped with adequate knowledge, no hardship will block the way to gaining such high ranking positions that at first glance seem to be insurmountable.

Having sprung up on the debris of the Soviet economy and civil war ten years ago, "Kazbegi”, the beer producing company, today is a multi-profile business group, occupying successful positions not only in food producing and processing industry, but also in tourism and many other sectors of the Georgian economy.

We were able to achieve this despite permanent struggles and challenges, intentional or random impediments or other serious problems. We have managed to occupy a leading position on the market, ranking high has become our tradition, we have gained consumers’ loyalty – these are foremost conditions on the way to success of every business.

The organic synthesis of local traditions, Georgian talent, unique production culture and world's highest technologies have laid the foundation for the establishment of a strong and dynamically developing business group whose name has become a synonym of quality and reliability being a perfect example of a success story.

Our foremost mission is to make this success story irreversible and set an example for all entrepreneurial people, bring hope to them and demonstrate that there are no unachievable goals. We also realize our huge social responsibilities and once again, we would like to note that private business is the particular force, the main backbone, on which the state power has to emerge.

Mutually beneficial relationships between the state and businesses based on trust and partnership is the cornerstone that ensures the success in the whole state as well as in its individual social spheres of public life. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce such rules of the game that will be predictable and conducive to the formation of attractive business environment. It is no less important to establish such standards of business ethics, that will make businesses in Georgia not only profitable, but prestigious too, and this is one more indispensable component of the mission of our company, the mission that proves to be realistic indeed.


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