River, lakes, groves – excellent choice and hunting passion

Most beautiful groves and woods are spread on 1000 hectares of land on the left side of a bridge along the river Iori on the way to Davit Gareji Monastery complex. The area of 800 ha is enclosed. Here you will see the Hunting farm where you can go hunting and fishing.

In Dedoplistskharo, about 2,5 hours away from Tbilisi, in the Iori gorge there is a grove occupying the area of 700 hectares which is the habitat for a  lot of birds and  animals – partridges, hares, pheasants, ducks,  boars as well as predators – wolves, jackals, wild cats. You can hunt any of them to your choice.

In Dedoplistskharo, similar to Sagharejo, partridge hunting season is from August 20 until the beginning of October. The enterprise undertakes the obligation to help you find a good hunting place, give you hunting dogs, weapons (if you require) and bullets and offer you lodging place with meals included.

The hunter’s hotel can host 12-15 people. Here you’ll get comfortable rooms, hot water, meals.

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